HE Consult offers substantial expertise in all areas of higher education reforms. A major focus is the implementation of elements and objectives of the European Higher Education Area.

The expertise includes curricula reforms, including the adaptation of teaching, learning and assessment methods. The concept of learning outcomes is at the core of these reforms. Developing a national qualifications framework and embedding it into the institutional setting is another focus of our work.

We help in the introduction and modification of the European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System (ECTS). If you wish to develop and implement a more student-centred system, HE Consult can offer innovative ideas and solutions.

We offer advice on quality assurance. This relates to the implementation of a system at national level and the development and improvement of an internal quality assurance system. We help in ensuring complinace with the European Standards and Guidelines for Quality Assurance (ESG). HE Consult offers guidance and preparations for external quality assurance, such as accreditations and evaluations, including support in the process of self-evaluations. We also support quality assurance agencies in preparing for inclusion in the European Quality Assurance Register (EQAR).

HE Consult offers specific advice and consultancy on internationalisation. This includes also questions of mobility and recognition. We can also help in identifying suitable partner institutions for exchange or for joint-degrees. If you are interested in transnational education, we help finding partners on the basis of your needs and requirements and assist in the cooperation.

We offer general strategic planning and development, including a thorough assessment and analysis of your situation and context, including questions of governance. HE Consult also offers advice and support for policy development and implementation, including legislative support at national level. This can also involve advice on institutional autonomy and academic freedom.

If you require an external evaluation for a project you are running, HE Consult is able to provide you with custom-made services regardless of whether you would like to have a continuing - formative - evaluation throughout the project or at the end of the project as a summative evaluation.